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Owner: Entegra Looker

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Here are the 2018 floorplans both with the slides in and out.
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Here are the 2018 floorplans with the slides pulled in.  I did these in Photoshop so they are just an approximation, but they should give everyone a feel for the usability / accessibility when going down the road, or at a rest stop, etc.
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2018 Cornerstone floorplans, both with slide in and out.

Owner: Entegra Owners

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Manuals for the greasy side of things and Electrical schematics
44 items in sub-albums
Entegra RV Coach Brochures and Spartan Chassis Specs for all models and years
2010 (3), 2011 (7), 2012 (9), 2013 (7), 2014 (6), 2015 (3), 2016 (4), 2017 (3), 2018 (2)
84 items in sub-albums
Owners / Installation and Service manuals for various coach systems

Owner: mkc

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Pictures of the new 2018 Entegra Cornerstone 45Y floorplan.  This particular one was in Sonoma/Tuscan Cherry interior.

Owner: SpudsRv

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Misc items of interest, at least to me  :P

Owner: The Cooks

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Here are a few pictures of the basement bays of a 2018 Cornerstone.