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First long trip, 12 days. Third trip overall and this one started with 2,040 miles on the odometer. 2020 Entegra Esteem 27U. These are the issues that occurred on this trip:
1. Jacks would not extend, no power to control panel. Called CoachNet, no help unless I paid for it.
2. Oven would not light. Stove also would not light, worked the day before.
3. Forward slide would not retract. Called CoachNet, they could get me a mobile guy late that evening or the next day. I called a guy and he was there in 30 minutes, got the slide in by tapping the motor but it would stop at random times. Left it in the rest of the trip.
4. Stove and oven started working, seems the slide going in and out affects it. The dealer had to replace the propane hose in the coach when we picked it up due to a hole in the line setting off the propane alarm.
5. AC arced when selecting a program. Checked it and saw no arcing, burns or smells.
6. LED light above the dinette flickers at random times.
7. The interior cab console where the auxiliary start switch is located falls down every time the emergency brake is released.
8. Fwd cabinet, rear door above the bed will not stay closed. The latch is not catching the door and holding it.
9. When the front slide was out, there is a large shaft of light coming in from outside meaning the seal is not sealing and bugs/mice/etc could enter the MH.
10. When we arrived home, one of my tank heater pads had pulled off the tank about 75% of it hanging down.
11. This wasn't the MH but my TOAD. Last night, went to go to dinner in the car and it would not start. Called CoachNet and they took care of it, guy there in 15 minutes an fixed in 20. No charge.

Can't get into warranty facility until Dec 10, but will turn everything in and see if this is it. I know all RVs have issues but damn, the first trip?
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Back-up Camera Override
Last post by Matt -
If you have the Sony unit slide the screen to the left and you should see the camera icon
Took our 2021 Odyssey 24B out this weekend and we opened up the power window blind and found cracks in the window.  We can't see them from the outside. It is just my wife and myself camping and it is the 3rd time out and first time to open the blind with the cooler weather. If we had not opened it would not have seen it for many months. We picked up the RV right before Labor Day.

Of course the service dept. never calls us back. What do we do? I emailed Entegra and no response yet.
Hearing this is happening to a lot of the 2021's
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Back-up Camera Override
Last post by MartySwingle -
We just set-up a Chevy Spark as our tow vehicle and it would be great to have the rear camera on for more than just when I have the coach in reverse. We have a 2020 Entegra Vision 27A and I have not been able to find any extra screens available on the console to turn the back-up camera on and leave it on. Can this be done? Is there a "secret" settings screen that I don't know about that would allow this? Just want to exhaust this option before I install a 2nd camera on the back of our coach.

Thank you!
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Front Headlights
Last post by mlmlkm -
We purchased a 2018 Anthem, I drove it at night for the first time a few weeks ago, there is a dark shadow about 50' feet out in front, when I took it back to dealer they said they adjusted headlights but when returning home the shadow is still there. Anyone else have this issue? If so how was it resolved? Thank You
2020 Vision 27a leaks air around steering column while driving. Faster you go the more air is blown in a long with road dirt. Inside the instrument cluster looks like a sand box, cold mornings we freeze our legs off, hot days you burn up. Totally related to speed and ambient temperature. Took it in and Le Mesa service said they fixed it along with some other items ended up creating more problems than curing. I have resolved most major issues except the air leak. Has anyone pulled the dash assembly apart to address this type of issue and also reduce noise and engine heat? I am a certified ASE Master Tech of over 30 years and just getting a little fed up with this coach of over 50 items I've already fixed as In like the plumbing falling off the sink and filling the drawer with water the first week out.  Poor quality control on this unit, must of been built during a holiday week
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Refrigerator and toilet
Last post by Ben -
At the vision price point I'd be surprised if it was anything but a standard plastic throne.  I know the emblem does have a porcelain one.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Refrigerator and toilet
Last post by Charlie -
The vision should be a 8 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator as the standard.   I believe they have a 12 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator as an option but I don't know of a factory residential style.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Refrigerator and toilet
Last post by Jefte -
Is the standard refrigerator that comes on a Vision 27A a 2 way ? Is the standard toilet plastic or porcelain? Thanks for any information.
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Fuel Filler
Last post by Boog -
Anyone have trouble with filling diesel and it spitting right back at you even with tank half full within seconds. Takes me forever to fill, usually just give up after $100.