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Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Slanting Bed
Last post by JDSD -
Even with the slide out in - the bed on our 31' MV Odyssey slants downhill on the head end. The floor of the coach is quite level side to side but bed platform is not.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Check fuel filler cap, engine light
Last post by Mnparkerjr -
I also had the check fuel cap light come on, and then the check engine light came on with a P0457 code.  This code states that either the fuel cap is loose or off, or there is an evaporative leak in the fuel system.  Since I’ve only got 1,300 miles on a nine month old Entegra Odyssey 24B, I doubt it is an evaporative leak.  The fuel cap looks like a cheap aftermarket cap and not a Ford part, so I’m going to try and fix that first.  I cleared the code and will drive the RV down to the gas station to fill it and see if the code pops again.
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Electric Cooling Fan for 2021 Accolade
Last post by KahunaNomad -

We finally got a chance to log more miles on our 2021 Accolade 37K, with the S2RV chassis.  The first thing we notice leaving the Phoenix area was the super loud fan noise, when it engages!  I remember having to raise my voice to my wife, who was sitting next to me.  So, we're toying with the idea of adding an electric auxiliary radiator fan, which we hope will help keep the engine temps low enough so the engine fan doesn't engage as often. 

Anyone has done this mod and/or have recommendation on what fan works best, please let us know. 

Entegra Motorhome Discussions / 2021 Cornerstone Premium Surge Protector
Last post by jrome -
Looking for tech/electrical engineering help on the surge protector.

What is the Brand/Model number of the Surge Protector on the 2021 Cornerstone.  I would like to take a look at the specs. And also would like to know if the  Surge Protector manufacturer recommends adding an additional surge protector

I've read that two surge protectors in series can work against each other and provide LESS protection than one surge protector by itself.

John Rome