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Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Bathfoom Lights
Last post by kdrobert -
Anyone have problems with their bathroom lights going off while taking a shower
Has anyone helped you with this?? I am hooked up to park cable and can not figure out how to make it work
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / TAG axle oil leak
Last post by Ed & Ame -
Showing oil leaking from left tag axle onto tire rim.  Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Entegra Odyssey 24B owners ?
Last post by jim7489 -
We are considering an Odyssey 24B. I see a lot of them with the optional Jacks. The Jayco 24B's we have seen for sale, none of them have jacks and they are basically the same unit.
Do we need Jacks on a 24B  ?????

Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Bidet for Tecma toliet
Last post by sherbertmj -
We are in need of a bidet that will fit the Tecma toilet in the 2015 Aspire.  Can anyone out there help me find something that will work? Prefer electric if possible.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: 2013 Chassis Manual for a cornerstone
Last post by SpudsRv -
I don't think there is a specific "chassis" PDF available that covers everything, but there are ones for the various systems in the Media section.  Look under owners manuals and chassis manuals for more information.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / 2013 Chassis Manual for a cornerstone
Last post by rgebbie -
just bought a 2013 Entegra.  Looking for a Chassis manual.  not sure where to get one.


Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Gray Water Tank Draining Slowly
Last post by DeltonJones -
2020 Anthem: Our gray water tank drains very slowly.  After a shower or washing machine cycle we often show 40-60 percent full in our gray water tank.  It does not appear to be draining properly.  We leave our valve in the open position.  Any suggestions?
I was told by a service representative at NIRVC Lewisville, TX that the only work around was to run the Heat Pump fan on LOW.  I replied that this was a unacceptable solution.  He said to work through Entegra customer service for a solution.

My proposal:
1) Vegatouch should not override customer's settings unless there is at least 5 degrees difference between customer's settings and the demand temperature.
2) This means that if the customer has asked for 70 degrees and the actual temperature  is 65 degrees or less, then the Vegatouch system should not switch source from Heat Pump to Aqua Hot.

I encourage other owners to do the same.

Thanks for the reply.  I am talking about the 50's and 60's.  If I get below 40 degrees, I would turn on the diesel.