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Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Re: GFI
Last post by SpudsRv -
They tend to hide them !! ... Look in the basement, above the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.  They tend to be in the wet areas, so around sinks and in the basement.
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Re: What AGM battery type ?
Last post by SpudsRv -
Make it easy on yourself and use AGM2, the AGM1 settings are very old and should not be used.

If you want to go "hard core" then you can use  Custom settings and set the Bulk Charging , Absorption Charging and the Float Charging values. 

The specific values to use are determined by the specific brand and type of batteries you have in your coach.  The battery manufacture should have those readily available,  The AGM2 setting is an overall  best "compromise" for the values given the range of batteries the Magnum may see.
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / What AGM battery type ?
Last post by KennyGolub -
I need to know what I should set my battery type to on the Magnum panel for my 2019 Aspre. AGM 1 or AGM 2 ?
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Entegra Motor Home
Last post by ddickens -
I have a 2017 Aspire 44W.  Just went through the 2 year warranty finalization.  I'm very pleased with the factory service center and highly recommend going there for service work.  They are so organized.  I don't think you will go wrong with any model of Entegra; new or used.  I'll take mine over a Tiffin anyday!  Go for it!
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Entegra Motor Home
Last post by +bobmac -
I have had H.R. Imperial and a Tiffin Allegro Bus; now have a 2014 Entegra Aspire-- (owned it for three weeks) VERY satisfied with the ride and quality of entire coach. Looked at the DEQ and the RBQ, ended up wih the RBQ. Great  ride and very quiet.
Under the Stars / Tires
Last post by +bobmac -
Is there a big difference between a truck tire and an RV tire. Friend of mine just got four new truck tires 275 80R 22.5 for about $300, the RV tire was anywhere from $400 to $600. He says they ride great and are quirt etc. I will be shopping for 6 tires in the near future. I have the FMCA Michelin tire advantage program.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Entegra Odyssey 24B owners ?
Last post by Edison65 -
We recently purchased an 2019 Odyssey 26D  and have logged a little over 1k miles so far.  The only issue we have experienced so far is with the Ford V10 engine.  A vent valve in the emission control system got stuck but was repaired under warranty.  The "check engine light" came on and wouldn't go off.  I've been told that as long as it is not blinking, you can drive the vehicle.  I did for about 200 miles and it seemed to run fine.  It was a quick fix at a local Ford dealership.  We like the floorplan and have enjoyed the coach.  Moved up from a MinnieWinnie 22R so it about doubled the interior floor space.  Happy wife, happy life.
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: Water leak
Last post by GMcClure -
That depends on what Rv model you have. Try to supply more detail? Did you go look at the roof with AC on?? :o
Entegra Motorhome Discussions / Re: House batteries
Last post by GMcClure -
2018 Anthem House Battery are behind the screwed in black fabric covered panel located on the aft. basement center wall inboard of the Aqua Hot unit.  Which is the aft pass through cargo bay. Not hard to remove good luck.
Entegra Motorhome Technical Talk / Extended Warranty
Last post by TomandBarb -
We are currently in the process of purchasing a 2017 Cornerstone.  We have been asked whether we want to purchase the 6 yr or 5 yr extended warranty.  As it is pricey, we wondered what other owners thought.  I know It's a gamble either way on needing it, but just wondered what other owners thought.  This is our 1st Entegra Coach.