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Entegra Motor Home


I are looking at the possibility of purchasing an Entegra Aspire MH. Anyone with experience in owning one who would like to share their experiences with that make and wanting to share them would be greatly appreciated.

We currently have a 03 Travel Supreme Select and the Entergra appears to be the replacement to the Travel Supreme.

 Please help.


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Re: Entegra Motor Home

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I have had H.R. Imperial and a Tiffin Allegro Bus; now have a 2014 Entegra Aspire-- (owned it for three weeks) VERY satisfied with the ride and quality of entire coach. Looked at the DEQ and the RBQ, ended up wih the RBQ. Great  ride and very quiet.

Re: Entegra Motor Home

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I have a 2017 Aspire 44W.  Just went through the 2 year warranty finalization.  I'm very pleased with the factory service center and highly recommend going there for service work.  They are so organized.  I don't think you will go wrong with any model of Entegra; new or used.  I'll take mine over a Tiffin anyday!  Go for it!

Re: Entegra Motor Home

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Getting ready for my  2 year warranty finalization
Has anyone had that done somewhere else other than the factory