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Entegra Coach - Brake Controller


I have a flat bed trailer I am planning on towing with my Entegra Coach and need to install a brake controller.
Has anyone done this?

Is the coach pre-wired for the controller....

Let me know if anyone has experience.

 Please help.


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Entegra Coach - Brake Controller - Toads-Towed Behind Motorhome - FMCA...
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Re: Entegra Coach - Brake Controller

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I know this is way after the fact, but for the benefit of anyone else

yes Spartan has a connector behind dash panel. It will have four unterminated wires on a connector. The thick pink is for the Hot, the blue is for the controller - and there is a a clean ground and lights. On my Cornerstone it was bundled with tie wraps and in my Anthem it was easier to find. All of the wires had labels on them -- except the Pink -- which again is the 12.

Re: Entegra Coach - Brake Controller

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How hard was it to remove the dash panel? You referenced your Anthem. Where was the wires located?