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Hydraulic Fluid leaking from expansion tank

2015 Aspire 42RBQ  Owned it since new in October 2015 .  It's been parked a lot since we were still wornking.  When parked at home it is slightly downhill in front.  Never had any leaks until  this week and it is slight.  weather in 100 degree plu to 110 yesterday.  Turns out that it is apparrantly from top of expansion tank for leveling system.  On top of tank is a breather plug that doesn't tighten but just lifts straight up according to Spartan.  the top of tank is dirty from road grim sticking to the leaking hydraulic fluid.  I think its weird that it hasn't shown any signs of being overfilled in the 30 months of being parked until now but that is the only thing Spartan says is the problem.  Anyone else have any knowlege of such a situation?  Am I missing something.  We are getting ready to leave on a 7 week trip in 14 days, so......
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