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We used a Roadmaster Falcon 2  All Terrain Tow Bar with our Honda CRV  Toad  and  No Brake system since it's so lightweight.  However I recently had a conversation with a fellow  in a RV Campground and he replied to me about a close friend of his who had a  accident which he was not  At Fault, but his Insurance Co.  would not pay for anything because he had no brake system on his Toad, which had done a lot of damage to itself,  the Motorhome and  other stuff when it came to rest.  So I am changing toad to a Silverado  and  shopping for a new Tow Bar and  a  BRAKE  SYSTEM
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2016 Anthem pulling a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.
Roadmaster Sterling all-terrain tow bar and using a RVI braking system.
The RVI braking system is portable. It takes some time to install and remove when setting up but the advantage is that it can be moved easily from one vehicle to another.
It also allows for their Tire Pressure Monitoring system.
See website and look at what they have to offer. I use both brake and tire systems and have towed coast to coast as well as Alaska with this system. Over 24,000 miles.

Safe travels...Gregg

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We are towing a2017 F250 using blue ox patriot break system and tow bar, works great!

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We tow a Ford Edge using the Blue Ox tow bar system.  For toad braking we use the Roadmaster Brakemaster system.  We've used this system behind our Dutch Star and now our Anthem.  The system has been functional and trouble free for well over 5 years and 30,000 plus miles.  The Brakemaster system is a proportional air brake system connected to the coach's air brake system that applies the same proportion of brake on the toad as applied to the coach.

Each state publishes their requirements for brakes on towed vehicles by weight.  However, in my opinion it is better to be covered with an adequate brake system on any size toad in case of an accident.  An accident involving a toad without a supplemental brake system will for sure bring on attorney’s claims of negligence. 


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2019 Aspire 44B with Blue Ox tow bar and the Air Force One air braking system on our 2018 Ford Explorer. 
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