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Entegra Emblem reviews

Very close to buying a new Emblem 36U and wanted to hear from members on their experiences.   what are the ups and downs?   I have had a bounder for last 6 years.    Would like to know about road handling and any other pros and cons of this new product for Entegra.

Re: Entegra Emblem reviews

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We have had our Emblem 36U for 7 months. I have found I few items that had to be fixed. First the the shower door leaked when the shower was in use. So make sure it is sealed. The propane tank fitting had a small leak and was fixed. The top drawer in the kitchen was modified. I removed the small plastic holder and made a 19" long drawer with ball bearing slides. I am in the process of making a door for the open area above the fireplace. Read the warranty info very close especially the part about checking all of the seals on the windows. You are told to cap seal all of the windows. Get this done! Also get the sealant on the roof. I do this twice a year anyway.
I can give you details of other small things I have done if you want.
We have used the Emblem a couple of times. I like the way it drives. It handles very well on the highway. With the slides out there is plenty of room inside. The fridge is great, as full size house unit.
I can provide more info if you like drop me an email.


Re: Entegra Emblem reviews

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We are picking up our Emblem 36t in two weeks.

Any new reviews or issues lately to look out for and on PDI at delivery?