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What AGM battery type ?

I need to know what I should set my battery type to on the Magnum panel for my 2019 Aspre. AGM 1 or AGM 2 ?

Re: What AGM battery type ?

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Make it easy on yourself and use AGM2, the AGM1 settings are very old and should not be used.

If you want to go "hard core" then you can use  Custom settings and set the Bulk Charging , Absorption Charging and the Float Charging values. 

The specific values to use are determined by the specific brand and type of batteries you have in your coach.  The battery manufacture should have those readily available,  The AGM2 setting is an overall  best "compromise" for the values given the range of batteries the Magnum may see.

Will the charger in the 2020 Entegra Qwest 24L handle a switch to AGM batteries?

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I would like to switch to AGM batteries in my 2020 Entegra Qwest 24L. Will the charger installed handle the AGM’s or is there a setting that I can change?

Re: What AGM battery type ?

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Is no one out there going to give me any advice? Prior to my Entegra Qwest, I owned an Airstream and their forum was extremely helpful on any subject you could think of.
K Blitchington

Re: What AGM battery type ?

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Oh have a feeling there are very few (maybe 2 now?) Entegra Qwest 24L owners on this forum, because yours is the only post I’ve found.
We bought our 2020 about a month or so ago & have plenty of questions.
If you’re still on, let me know!
Gary & Teri

Re: What AGM battery type ?

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AGM batteries are not a good choice, we are in the era of low prices for lithium batteries, and I am looking into installation options for And I can go completely off the grid.

100kwh batteries.