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Low point drains located, what are they for?

I have a 2019 Entegra Odyssey 24B.     I am a newbie RV owner.

Question for Group.
2 Low point drains located:
near Driver's side on outside of Rig
inside last basement storage on passenger side at rear of Rig.   Inside there are 2 valves.  Directly under valves/under rig are a small blue hose and a red hose. 

Wanting to know what each low point drain is for?

The Manual talks about low point drain and shows a picture of which I am sure is the one on the outside near driver's area.   Talks about opening all faucets and then open drain.    Is this valve used for winterizing Rig.

The Manual does not mention about the passenger side basement valves.    I am thinking those are to drain the hot and fresh water tanks.    

I have no way of knowing which valve helps to unload some fresh water if needed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.   Susan

Re: Low point drains located, what are they for?

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The two valves in the rear passenger side bay are your hot and cold water drains. They only drain the water tubing. They do not drain the HW heater or the fresh water tank. The HW heater has a plastic plug that has to be removed, and the fresh water tank drain is beside your generator. Hope this helps.