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Basement Heights

Here is a table of various basement heights / heights below the rail for some Entegra coaches as well as some of the competition just for comparison.  If you have some other numbers or updates, let me know so I can add to the table !

CoachBasement Height
W Joey BedW/O Joey BedOpening
2014 Aspire MMGT20 ½
2014 Essex K2/5001620
2017 Anthem K2[1]1720 ½23
2017 Cornerstone K31923 ½27 ½
2017 Dutchstar K2[1]11 ½15 ¼28
2017 Mountain Aire K3/5001531
2017 London Aire K3/60017 ¼21 ¼
2003 Foretravel U320212628
2014 Zephyr17 ¼21 ¼
K2* was MMGT

Re: Basement Heights

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Made a quick update to the above, added a 2014 Zephyr