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Odyssey 24B slide

Hello everyone. Kinda newbie here. We just brought our new Odyssey 24B home, opened the slide, later brought it back in. My brother came over to see the new rig and I tried to put the slide back out, it went about 6" and stopped. tried to bring it back in and it started on one side and then stopped. Anyway I found a wire that had pulled apart at the top, back of the slide, (wire connector) I put the wire back together and it all worked as it should. My big question is where is the motor located to run the slide in and out manually. I looked online and found out how to bring it in or out manually but looking under the chassis and in the coach I have no idea where the dang thing is. I did not get a owners for my Entegra Odyssey 24B, the dealer gave me a bunch of manuals for each of the different appliances, but not for the coach. I have asked via text but all I get is the run around. Anyone know of where I can get one. Any one know where the slide motor is located. Thanks for putting up with this long rant/question.

Re: Odyssey 24B slide

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Just purchased 2020 Entegra Esteem.  Any owners here?  Any problems I can expect.