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Water leak in Bathroom from toilet.

We just picked up our 2021 Odyssey 24 B a week ago. We took it out overnight yesterday to check things out.
The water seems to be leaking from the toilet on the bottom. Seems to be coming from the bottom.

Any suggestions? Of course the service dept has not returned our call. 
We are back home as that is all we wanted to do is try things out.

Re: Water leak in Bathroom from toilet.

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Ugh that is a bummer.

Really depends on which toilet you have, some are open on the back and you can reach in and see if its just a simple hose that needs to be tightened.  Most of those hoses are only need to be hand tight.

If its one of the ball seals, then you would have to remove the fixture from the floor to replace the seals :(