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Stainless steel bay door trim

Seeing that the 2018 Anthem now includes the stainless accent for the bay doors I did some looking around to find out if this was something I could add to my older coach.

It seems the Cornestone has had the stainless steel door trim since the 2013 model year.  For the 2018 model year they upped the bling factor by moving to the 10" Executive Armor exterior baggage door trim.  The Executive Armor is a ribbed product and looks somewhat like the side of a Prevost Xl2.  The Premier is a smooth product and is what Entegra includes on the 2018 Anthem chassis.

The provider of the trim is Summit Product Home so if your Entegra does not have factory bling, or you just want even more, you can give them a call or visit the webpage.  You can order their products and put them on yourself, or have them installed by another RV service shop, or even take your coach there and have them do it.

Summit provides instructions on how to properly measure so you order the right sized parts.

And for the do it yourself crowd, some basic instructions

Not sure I wan't to try that myself, but maybe a trip to Summit is in the future.  Has anyone else done this modification / upgrade?

Re: Stainless steel bay door trim

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I see that Summit also has a nice step trim Armor package for both the swing out and slide out steps  >:D

I know of some other folks who have done this to their coach,  its a two person job.  But with all the "glue" involved I'd sure hate to make a mistake positioning a panel or getting squeeze out surfaces where it does not belong.  I'd probably leave this one to the pro's

Re: Stainless steel bay door trim

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I like the ribbed look of the new CS trim.  It looks better with the wider trim than a smooth, flat piece would.

Re: Stainless steel bay door trim

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For the DIY folks that are willing to tackle this job, I've attached the Summit Premier & Executive Armor Installation Instructions. 

For those that already have it on their coach, I found in the install guide some tips on how to keep it clean and shiny

    • Clean the Premier Armor with warm soapy water, solvents, or ammonia. Do not use cleaners with abrasive materials.
    • To prolong the beauty and ease of cleaning, we suggest waxing the stainless. This helps to reduce the water spots as well.
    • Keep product free of salt and other ice deterrents to ensure a long-lasting finish.