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Odyssey 24B Door

2021 Odyssey 24B coach door not closing right. I have to slam the door very hard to get it to fully close and latch tight, close lightly and it latches on the first catch but is not fully closed. Can not find any adjustment on the door or the pin in the door case.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated. 
Cliff Odyssey 24B

Re: Odyssey 24B Door

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I hope you can find a solution. 

In my experience (across several brands), if its a slam style door, you just have to get used to the close and bump/push to fully close and seal.  I've adjusted latches so things close on a good "slam" (not to hard), but I've then found water entering the compartments during hard rain + travel.  Adjusting  it so that does not happen requires the hard slam or slam and hip check.   

On one coach I had I actually replaced all of the bay seals with another softer brand and that worked out well, but that was the exception (finding a lower durometer seal of the same profile). 

Re: Odyssey 24B Door

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Thank you for the reply. It is the entry door into the coach and not a compartment door, sorry I did not make that clear. Someone said the door could be bent a hairy or two. Try putting a blocks at the top and bottom and then push in on the middle by the latch and see if you can bend it in a little. Have not tried that yet, what do you think of that idea?
Cliff Odyssey 24B