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How to adjust MCD Shades

We needed to reprogram our MCD shade limits and found the instructions in our owners manual a bit confusing.   We also went to MCD's site and downloaded some instructions but they were not much help.  Always seemed to end up having to restart or not quite get the shades to stop where needed.

Contacting MCD resulted in an "improved" set of directions on how to reprogram the up and down limits.  Seems a bit more clear using this set of directions, so hope they help others get less frustrated  :)

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Re: How to adjust MCD Shades

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Worked like a charm!

Also found out that you can can use the most convenient switch you can reach, so you can use the multiplex switch on the wall or the buttons on the drivers side console, or ....  then the programming push button as described in the above document.   Some shades may take two people to reprogram as one person can't reach both switches at the same time unless you have stretch armstrong arms :D

Re: How to adjust MCD Shades

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At first I was not following the instructions correctly, so in case others can't read  O:)

Push the learn button and then down rocker or even the Vegatouch.  The shade will beep and start down, continue holding both until it rapidly beeps several times and stops.

Release the rocker (or Vegatouch or multiplex button) and then release the learn button.

Use the shade down switch and run the shade down close to where you want it but don't go to far (or you have to start over).  Release the down button when the shade is a few inches from where you want it.  Now you can fine tune its down postilion a 1/4"  at a time by continually hitting the shade down button.

Then reverse, bring the shade up close to where you want it, but again stop short.  Now fine tune the up position by continually hitting the up button.

Once that's done hit down button for a few inches and you're all programmed.

Re: How to adjust MCD Shades

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I just installed a drivers night shade motor and used the instructions noted above.  Worked perfectly after I convinced DW that once she let go of the programing button all she had to do was watch.  It also helps to get the right programing button. ;D

Re: How to adjust MCD Shades

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I have a 2014 Entegra Anthem.  The front day/night shades just quit working....all of them.  I'm new to the Entegra world.  Is it a fuse, breaker or motor problem.  Any insight is appreciated.  Thx