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Closet Light Sensor (again)

Our closet light motion sensor is on the fritz again.  

It turns on the lights for no reason, well no apparent reason.  It has turned on when turning on another light, and when entering the bath, but not opening the closet.

Its been replaced once as defected, but now the new part is up to its old games.  I'm thinking a better quality part may be in order.  Has anyone found another source for these or changed out the factory one for some other brand or style (like magnetic vs PIR)

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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Probably just a low quality PIR sensor. 

You could try another sensor, a quick look brings this one up, Coromose Quality Automatic DC 12V-24V 8A Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Switch...

Alternatively you could try adding a basic filter to the 12V input to the PIR, since you find it sometimes comes on in reaction to other switches that would indicated "dirty" 12V that you may be able to filter out with some decoupling. RVs are very noisy environments electrically speaking and you need to isolate the power rails.

You could start with adding a 47uF (50V) electrolytic and 0.1uF(50V) standard capacitor in parallel to the 12V input/ground on the sensor and see if that helps and it will only cost penny's.

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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Ours will sometimes turn on when we get close to the closet. I just figured the sensor is picking up a shadow?

But thinking about it,  it will sometimes turn on if we hit the front 12Volt master switch.   I'll have to try adding those capacitors at the sensor and see if that changes its behavior.   Right now its just an oddity, but sounds like it can degrade over time.

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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Let us know how the experiment goes, makes sense that the issue could be the power source itself.

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I may give that one from Amazon a try first and if that does not provide long term relief I'll stop by Radio Shack and get some capacitors.

Humm ... maybe I should pick those up now, the way RS is shrinking may be nothing left  :'(  Just read an article that says they closed more than 1,000 stores since Memorial Day weekend, leaving only 70 company open, and about 500 dealer-owned stores. RadioShack, closing 1,000 stores, leaves only these 70

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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My closet light stayed on. I replaced the sensor and still stayed on. I disconnected the ground wire and ran another ground wire. Now works fine.

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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Ours was replaced by a switch at our initial PDI as it remained on constantly.

Re: Closet Light Sensor (again)

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We've been dealing with our closet light motion sensor as well, except it will turn on at various times in the middle of the night when no activity is occurring such as movement, active switching on/off items, A/C or heat off, generator off. We haven't yet tried fiddling with it, but wondering if this same scenario was playing out with anyone.