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2018 Updated window surrounds

My turn for a change in the 2018 models that I noticed!

2017 models added tapered window surrounds ... at least on the bedroom windows located on either side of the bed.  This gave a bit of space so you did not catch the edge with your shoulder or hand while sleeping.

During a visit to MHSRV I went in a 45B Cornerstone and a 44B Anthem.   The 2018 Anthem still has the tapered window surrounds, but the Cornerstone has a redesigned surround that uses fabric with an inside wood binding (looks quite attractive).  That updated look however also seems to prevent having the tapper? 

So they are back to the "invasive" surround, probably not a problem for most, but an interesting reversal from 2017.

Re: 2018 Updated window surrounds

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It's hard to tell just looking at the photos, but I think the non-tapered fabric ones are also deeper (depth from the wall) overall as well, so even more invasive.  I'm sure it's easier to fabric-cover a rectangular face, but having seen the 2017 CS with taper, the 2018 CS without, and both years' Anthems, I like the look of the taper (and also the fabric insert rather than fully wrapped in fabric.)


Re: 2018 Updated window surrounds

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Yeah, I noticed that too.  I'd prefer the tapered sides but having said that the non-tapered valances on our current Anthem never bothered.

Re: 2018 Updated window surrounds

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Hummm .... I also liked the tapered design more than the new fabric look, just seemed smarter.  At least those horrible corbels are gone, lets hope those don't make a reappearance in 2019  O:)