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Owners views on Entegra

Hi. Newbie to this forum. Have owned a diesel class A for about 4 years. Bought new and am mostly happy with my coach and very satisfied with factory support. I will be upgrading sometime in the future and although I'm still pretty loyal to my current manufacturer, I just love the looks and design/engineering of the Entegras. My question is are you satisfied with the quality of your coaches? How about dealer/factory support? What are it's strong/weak areas? I live in southwest Michigan, so have always gone to Elkhart to the factory to take care of any issues. Is that possible with Entegra Coaches? Thanks for any info.

Re: Owners views on Entegra

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I think you will find most folks are very happy with their Entegras.  They did have some rough years with less than great quality during the high growth years (pre 2014) and before they had a dedicated factory where they could fully control the build flow.

Entegra still offers a 2 year warranty which is among the very best in the industry.  You can go to the factory to have regular service done (they have a "campground" to stay in) and do a 2 year punch list to fix any items you have found that needs fixing / updating.  They have been very focused on customer satisfaction.

Entegra's are built on the Spartan chassis so issues with those are common among all manufactures that use them.  Spartan is IMO very proactive in raising service bulletins when issues come up.  There are many Spartan authorized service areas.

So many parts of RV's are common among manufactures, chassis, leveling systems, heating, AC, etc etc so issues in sub suppliers is also common across brands.  That said the parts that Entegra builds and designs have been high quality, again IMO

Re: Owners views on Entegra

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We purchased an Aspire about 6 weeks ago and have already seen both coasts. We have a 2015 39 e and love it. The ride is so quiet, the engine strong and the fit and finish awesome. You definitely need to take a test drive.....