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2017 Entegra Cornerstone Changes

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Entegra put out a video on their all new 2017 Entegra Cornerstone.  The Cornerstone is the flagship of the Entegra Family of coaches.

A summary of the new features include:

    • Low Beam LED Headlights –
    • New Adjustable High Res Rear Camera

    • Additional Pulsing LED 3rd long Breaklight
    • Passive steer Back Axle
    • DEF fill on both the left and Right of the coach.
    • Change to L16 batteries (This means you have 4 big batteries instead of 8 AGM’s)
    • Outside TV Not only Pans left and right, now pans Up and Down
    • Intelligent Blind Spot Monitoring system
    • Storage in the stairs
    • Air cooled and Heated Passenger and Driver seats
    • More charging station locations on the coach
    • LED Lit cup holders
    • AC Vents are now above the passenger and driver cooling you better as you go down the road.
    • Magnetic Return vent air covers making them easy to take down and put up
    • Intelligent Collision Mitigation System
    • Collision Warning System
    • Adaptive Cruise control – system will slow down and speed up based on who is in front of you
    • Active braking – if someone stops in front of you – will apply the brakes and the engine brake retarder
    • Electronic Stability control – will slow the coach down if the coach gets out of control or unlevel
    • Vega Intelligent Beta Touch Control Center
    • Automatic Motion sensing lights in the wardrobe area


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