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Aqua-Hot System Overview

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Aqua-Hot System Overview

The Aqua-Hot system has three important jobs in your Entegra Coach.

    • The system heats your coach using an in-floor heating system, providing quiet, odorless heat to five zones,  the living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom and basement. (While other manufacturers force air into the basement, AquaHot provides dedicated heaters to this area.)
    • This system also provides a 110-degree continuous supply of hot water throughout your unit. Shower after shower, the Aqua-Hot delivers hot water with zero recovery time.
    • The Cornerstone and Anthem models boast an engine pre-heat feature. The 450D series circulates engine coolant to the Aqua-Hot system where the fluid is heated in roughly 30 minutes, as opposed to 12-15 hours required of the electric blocker heater.

    How Does The Aqua-Hot System Work?

    The Aqua-Hot 450 diesel series stores heat in the system's boiler, created by one (or a combination of three) heat sources:
      • Heat from fuel (from the coach's diesel or propane tank)
      • Heat from electricity
      • Heat from the engine

    The engine source is a unique feature that draws heat from the engine during travel in to the Aqua-Hot fluid, When you arrive at your stop, your water is instantly hot.  The electric source allows you to tap into resort-paid utilities instead of using your own fuel.


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