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Cleaning Accuride or Alcoa Wheels

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How to clean and polish Accuride and Alcoa Wheels

The aluminum rims on Entegra are made by one of two manufacturers, Alcoa or Accuride. 

I've only seen the Alcoa brand on the Cornerstone platform, the others have all been Accuride, at least that is what I have observed and what has been listed in the Spartan specs for the coaches.  Of course someone may have been able to make a special order or done a swap out so always check first!

If they are made by Alcoa they could be the Dura-Bright coated. If they are you'll see a Dura-Bright decal on the rim stating this fact.  Its important to know what you have since the cleaning procedure is very different depending on what you have.  Dura-Bright coated wheels are a simple soapy water and sponge cleanup, no scrubbing, tools or polish should ever be used. 

If the rims are made by Accuride they also may or may not be coated. The coated Accu-Shield wheels will be identified by Accu-Shield decals on the rims. Here again cleanup is with soapy water and a sponge, no scrubbing, tools or polish should be used.

Both Dura-Bright and Accu-Shield wheels will have a nice shine but will not have the mirror shine of a polished wheel.  Then again you can clean 6 coated wheels in about 10 mins and they will look really nice.  Sadly I have not seen Dura-Bright or Accu-Shield used as a standard on any model or year of Entegra Coach.

The care and cleaning of polished wheels require time, effort and polish to keep them looking new.  Using Mothers aluminum wheel polish/cleaner and a Mothers polishing ball (on a drill) will restore a high polish to the wheel, but expect to spend 20-30 mins per wheel.

Attached are maintenance guides for the rims, be sure and use the one appropriate for what you have!

Alcoa DuraBright CleaningGuide Accuride General Cleaning Procedure for Polished Aluminum Wheels Alcoa Cleaning for polished rims Accu Shield General Cleaning Procedure Accu Shield Surface Repair Procedure


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