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Topic: Battery Charging - Is my charger desulficating my batts? (Read 2979 times) previous topic - next topic
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Battery Charging - Is my charger desulficating my batts?

Hello all,

Ok - Schumacher 100/30/2 charger.  Napa wet cells 950cc amps both 12 volts.  Both batts have been badly abused by me and presumably the previous owner because of long storage and parasitic loads - they have gone dead more than once.

My Schumacher is charging them at 15.5 volts which seems awfully high and it seems to be settling in for a long charge. 

Do I have this right?  The acid in the batteries uses sulfur.  By being discharged for a long time the sulfur has solidified on the lead making it unable to hold a charge as well as it should.  By increasing the volts higher than normal the hope is the sulfur will dislodge and redissolve into the battery fluid???  This should lower the ph of the batt fluid and I can get a few years or maybe a summer out of them?

I did top all the cells off with distilled water prior to charging.

Thank you

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Battery Charging - Is my charger desulficating my batts?

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