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Newmar vs. Entegra


I'm not brand new to RVing, I have a 2005 Newmar Dutch Star. I love my DSDP, we think the quality of Newmar is outstanding. I've been reading and searching, and of course everyone has there own preferences.

But, I wanted to see if anyone has compared head to head the Newmar against the Entegra. It seems that Entegra gives you more for the money.

We are looking at an Entegra Anthem or either another Dutch Star, or if the budget allows, a Mountain Aire.

 Please help.


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Re: Newmar vs. Entegra

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I did a comparison of the Dutch Star and the Aspire which I think is the closest to the Dutch Star.  Adding in all the options that would be required on the DS to make it as close to a standard Aspire had the list prices very similar.  When I took into account the differences in discounts between the two brands, the Aspire came out about $40,000 to $50,000 cheaper than a corresponding DS.  This did not take into account a couple of big differences between the two brands.  The DS has Comfort Drive and tile in the slides which the Aspire does not have.  I wouldn't call that a deal breaker or deal maker, just an observation.