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Headlight Problem


I just got back from a 3,000 mile trip during which I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway for 90% of its entire length in both directions. Highly recommended. I suppose I should write up a trip report but words won't really suffice.
Anyway, on the way down I got caught in a torrential rain storm and when I shut the bike off one of the headlights stayed on (not sure if it was low beam or high beam). I turned the bike back on and flicked the high beam switch on and off and the light turned off when I shut the bike off again. Now the headlight works on low beams but when I turn the high beams on it does not light. When I use the passing switch the high beam filament does not light either. It is not the bulb as when I switched harnesses the other headlight showed the symptom.
The offending light is on the right side of the bike but I may have switched the harnesses when I rebuilt the nose after a bit of an accident I had in the spring.
Any help would be appreciated.

Please help.

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