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Problem with Headlights not working correctly


I have a problem with my headlights and I know that this is the place to go to fix it. My sp2 headlights work but oddly. To start, when you turn the bike on, the left ehadlight will light up but the right will not. When you turn on the hi beam, the left headlight will continue to light but with out hi beam, and the right headlight will turn on only in hi beam. Can anyone help me with this problem? I noticed that there was two wires that are just hanging down on the right side of my bike sticking out from the frame area jsut below the gauge cluster. The wires are light green and dark green and have the connector endings that look the same as those connected to the back of clutch lever below the clutch master cylinder? Can someone tell me where those go?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please help.

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