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DEF Concern/ Question???

Does anyone know about DEF,  Walmart sells  Peak brand in 2 1/2 gal box for  $12.88  but has there off brand at $7.88....Is there a good reason to pay the higher price for Peak brand.   Thanks for any response,  It's not convienant for me to get at the Truckstop fuel island because my  2015 Aspire  has the tank at passenger side rear and the DEF hoses won't typically reach.
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Re: DEF Concern/ Question???

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I believe it is all the same. Probably marketing.

Re: DEF Concern/ Question???

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There is a certification label on the Walmart Brand so look that up and if your "off Brand" has the same certification you should be fine. Just do not buy a bunch and store it for long periods of time in very hot or cold conditions.  This stuff deteriorates over short periods of time aka. 6 months??
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