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Another Newbie

You folks must be getting tired of seeing all the newbie questions over and over...however, I am really interested in the Aspire 44R model. I have heard some good and bad about Entegra in general, but would like to here some specifics either way on this 44R. I am also considering the Berkshire XLT 44A due to the floor plan mainly and the amount of sleeping capacity if needed.

Please lay it on me as thick as you want (I can take it) and let me know your experiences and feelings about a 2019 model from either manufacturer.

Thanks in advance for any info and comments!

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Re: Another Newbie

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If you look at the fit and finish, and compare ,  well there is no comparison....If still in doubt go for a test drive in each and  you should see the quality differance.  Also compare construction technique of each especially the floor system.  the Aqua Hot system.   There is no comparison, in those two units.
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Re: Another Newbie

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Just got our Entegra 42 deq. Love it. Check out total value Rv in Elkhart Indiana. Ask for Chad. What a great place to buy a coach. Got to the factory and take a tour of Entegra and newmar. You will see the difference.