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XSG2NA-X2DM GPS map update

Multiple questions about the dual screen Xcite XSG2NA-X2DM radio / Nav unit
1) Where is the SD card located for the Navigation Map Update?
2) Where is the Microphone for the Phone Audio? (Everyone says it is hard to hear me)
3) Is there a Software update for the system that makes the Nav Audio Louder? (I am at +10 on the controls and full audio and it is still quire low)

Re: XSG2NA-X2DM GPS map update

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The SD card is in the radio. You access it through they USB port on the dash. Go to the gramin site and download the update. Hook up you computer to the USB on the dash and it will update it.

Re: XSG2NA-X2DM GPS map update

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For newer Entegra coaches the SD card is in the head unit which is located under the removable tray. All else is as stated above.