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Extended electric cargo-bay slide-out wouldn't retract

I have a 2019 Cornerstone that has been on one trip (3 days & 500 miles).  I've owned it since Mar and continue to have to have it in the shops for problems that the service people are "having trouble duplicating".  It was scheduled to go back in this morning at 8:00 AM for an upgrade to the Spartan/Hadley Air System - the most serious, unresolved issue I have - but when I went out to retract slide-outs and cargo trays, one of the cargo trays wouldn't retract and I couldn't get the coach out of my shop. 

My dealer didn't open for a while and probably wouldn't have been able to help anyway.  We couldn't find anything on the internet so I waited until the Entegra Factory opened and called Customer Service.  A very polite service rep tried to find something but said there was no trouble-shooting documentation or by-pass information for the electric cargo slide-outs.  He went to the shop floor but couldn't find anyone who knew what to do.

I proceeded to totally remove the entire cargo slide-out frame and tray and had it ready to pull out with the tray still extended when I lifted the floor panels out and was able to see the drive for the slide-out.  I removed the coupling bolt from the drive to the rack and pinion travel hardware and was able to push the tray back in to get the coach out of my shop and to the Spartan Service Rep.  It looks like the wiring could be pinched/cut where Entegra ran wiring under the frame but I didn't try to trace any wiring problems.  I'll leave that for yet another trip to my dealer's shop.

If your power cargo slide-out tray goes in-op, pull the floor out of the tray and de-couple the drive motor from the rack & pinion hardware.  You will be able to manually push the tray back into the cargo basement.

Re: Extended electric cargo-bay slide-out wouldn't retract

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I have a 2018 Cornerstone and one of the trays would not come out. I extended it from the other side and checked the white three pin connector. After several attempts and it worked some times, I found one of the pins in the connector crimped on so it would not quite go into the connector as far as it should causing an intermittent connection. I put a new pin on the end of the wire and reinserted in the connector. It has worked fine since. If you don't have the tools to repair a connector it can always be wired direct with crimp connectors. It was an easy fix once I saw the very slight difference in the connector pins.