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LP REG HEATER switch in Bathroom Electrical Cabinet

I have a 2016 Aspire 44b equipped with an AquaHot LP 4000 system.  I can't find anything that tells me what the switch labeled as      LP REG HEATER, found in the Electircal Cabinet in the bathroom, does or does not do.  I am the second owner of this coach and the individual who did the walk through was unable to tell me what the switch does.  Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Re: LP REG HEATER switch in Bathroom Electrical Cabinet

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I just took delivery of a 2019 Insignia.  During our walk thru with the service tech, I was told that the LP Reg Heater switch (which is located in a cabinet in the half bath) is used to prevent the LP Regulator from freezing during use in cold temperatures. 

There is a refrigerant effect when gas expands, causing the regulator to get cold.  This phenomenon is worse when the ambient air  temperature of at or near freezing. 

The LP Heater switch should be turned on in cold weather when you are using the Aqua-hot (If LP fueled, mine is in my Insignia) or any other appliance that is fueled by LP.  This switch energizes a circuit that is powering a heater element that is in contact with the LP Regulator. 
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Re: LP REG HEATER switch in Bathroom Electrical Cabinet

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Thank You for the reply to my post.  It makes sense when put in the proper context.  Just wish the owners manual had a paragraph or at least a couple of sentences about the switch.  Thanks for your help!!

Re: LP REG HEATER switch in Bathroom Electrical Cabinet

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That's strange we didn't get that info on walk thru either.  we were told that is to allow the aqua hot system water heater to be propane fueled so we have only used once in cold weather.  Uses a fair amount of propane but is a lot  longer lasting hot water supply than when we just use electric. 
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