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Electrical Failures 2019 Entegra Esteem

All cameras were working very well until we stopped for fuel off. We changed drivers and while I was adjusting the mirrors, power to the mirrors failed. Neither mirror or the mirror heater switch indicated there was power. When the engine was started, the rearview camera and the turn signal cameras did not function. The SONY video screen on the dash indicated 'No Video Signal' but showed power.
We continued another 300 miles to our destination campground. While driving, we determined there was no power to the USB ports on the dash to charge our phones. When we arrived at the campground we also discovered that the Lippert leveling system would not function. There was no power on the control panel. I verified that the parking brake was engaged and the engine was running.
Using the owner's manual for the 2019 Ford E Series, I systematically checked the fuses under the hood and under the dash. I did not detect any fuse that had blown.

Can anyone provide some clues to the cause of the electrical failures?