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Entegra Accolade 37TS

Put down a deposit on an Entegra Accolade 37TS (Super C) today.  Is there anyone that has this model or another model of the Accolade that can share their thoughts and experience about the unit?

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How is your Accolade working out for you?  We are looking at purchasing a 37TS, too.  What are your thoughts so far?  Likes, dislikes?  What are you seeing for mileage?

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I am strongly considering the 37k so lurking around looking for info.

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I have a 2021 Accolade 37L that we picked up new in November 2020.

We LOVE it.  We've had a few hiccups, but nothing worth the drive to the dealer for service - easier just to fix ourselves.

- Bedroom window valance fell off wall while driving.  It was held on with two tiny screws.  Remounted it with six screws.  Read on another forum another person had this same problem.  Inadequate way to mount given its weight with two blinds and all the wood.

- Door magnet that operates the auto-steps had a bad sensor, erratically worked.  Bag of 6 new sensors on amazon for around $10.  Two wire connections on the sensor right underneath the steps, simple fix. 

- one bay door wouldn't latch unless it was slammed many times.  Adjusted it myself.

- Front cab dome lights wouldn't turn off.  Researched and found sensors are in the door latches.  Sprayed some lubricant in the door latch, dome lights work great now.

- Power converter under the bed blew a capacitor.  Pulled it out, was visibly obvious.  Local shop soldered in a new capacitor and I re-installed the converter.  Quick fix.

- We are having flexing of coach entry door at the top when driving at highway speeds, top is letting light and wind noise in.  I've researched a potential fix, but haven't tried it yet - bending the top third of the door inward a bit by putting a 2x4 behind the door and pushing gently.  Fingers crossed.
** I added 3 solar panels to the roof, very easy after watching Youtube vids.  Highly recommend!

Again, you will have little niggles with ANY new coach, just take them in stride.  These are awesome machines.

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I know this is an older thread, but the only one I found talking about the Accolade 37TS. I have a new 2022 Accolade and the entry door flapping at highway speed seems prevalent. Only been in it for 4 weeks. It goes in for it's 30-day - punch list service next week.

Most of the stuff is really minor. The one I can't figure out or deal with is the hot water on-demand system. Hot water flow is 1/2 of the cold flow. City water doesn't have enough flow to make it work. I have to fill the fresh tank, use the pump, then open up the bathroom sink on 1/2 hot 1/2 cold and let it run to have hot water in the kitchen or in the shower without a pulsing pump. If I don't open up the bathroom sink, the pump pulses badly and there isn't enough flow through the shower or the kitchen sink for the heater to turn on.

I've pulled all the manuals and will look up raising the pump cut-off pressure and opening up the heater flow valve according to the troubleshooting sections of the respective service manuals.

Anyone else run into issues with the on-demand hot water system?

Re: Entegra Accolade 37TS

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