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Key fob programming

So I bought a new 2019 Aspire 44B three weeks ago.  The dealer had only one key fob at the time of delivery but ordered another, which arrived yesterday.  None of the functions on the new fob work.  I can't imagine the fob battery is dead so I'm thinking it needs to be programmed, which I have no idea how to do.  Perhaps instructions are in the 2019 Aspire owners manual, which was also missing at the dealership and has been ordered.  I have downloaded the 2018 Aspire owners manual but the fobs appear different and I don't find the instructions helpful.  Any ideas out there? 

Re: Key fob programming

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If the dealer has only one key fob you should get that and after that, you must wait and use that key until they order a new key fob for you. Even you can get a spare from a locksmith store also.