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Washing your coach

We just bought our 2015 entegra anthem. We have heard some horror stories of what to use and not use as far as soap and applicators. Can anyone give us some advice on what to use for washing and waxing it?

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How bad it can be is somewhat dependent on how dark a color your coach is ... those dark colors will show water spots like crazy and since it will be hotter in the sun, the water tends to dry very fast so you get even more spots!

So some of the guidelines are:

1) Don't wash the coach unless it is cool to the touch, and think about the sun, it can take awhile to get the job done, so you don't want to be caught in the sun duing the job.
2) Use a neutral pH soap product, I use  Meguiar's gold but there are lots of  choices.  If the product does not say what it is, don't use it.
3) Never use a bush of any kind on the painted surfaces, that clear coat seems to take swirl marks easily, especially  full cut/buff.  As such stick with sponges of soft wash mitts and a lite touch.
4) Wet then Wash

Some folks also use "foam cannons", these are simple devices that you can add to a power washer that pump out a blanket of suds and cover large areas.  They help reach areas that are high up.  They also don't pump out a high pressure spray keeping the power washer pressure under control.

Lastly you will see some folks recommend that you use a DI water system to help prevent spots.

Re: Washing your coach

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Highly recommend a DI water system, I use the CR Spotless system and love it, both for my RV and my cars.  They have a few systems to choose from, really depends on how hard your water is to start with and how often you wash your coach.  Some folks spend more time washing then they do RVin ... Just saying!

Portable Spotless Water Filtration System & Car Detailing Deionized Systems... is the maker, I use the DIC 20  but I have pretty hard water and wash my cars pretty often in the winter months.  I think its the same price pretty much everywhere but you may found a code somewhere, you can even find it on
amazon ... CR Spotless DIC-20 1 Pack Simplest RV & Car Wash Kit, Spotless... and at least get free shipping. 

There are some other excellent brands also, but what they all seem to have in common and where they all get you is the consumables, you have to replace the resin every so often so they make $ there.

Re: Washing your coach

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What would you recommend as the biggest bang for the buck option, Ben?