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'14 Aspire Headlight (bulbs)

As anyone replaced these with LED? I have a driver-side top light, that I think is the low-beam that is out. Would light to replace it with LED, and probably replace all of them with LED, since I'm doing it.

Have you done this? Where did you get the bulb-set? What was the part number & cost?

Many thanks.

-Allyn Cutts
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Re: '14 Aspire Headlight (bulbs)

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I have a 2011 Aspire. Assuming the bulbs are the same (the coaches look the same) I used Hikara Ultra from Amazon and have had good success. Mine took a H1 bulb for the high and low beams and a H7 for the fogs. These kits are usually $89 a set

I’ve used these in my vehicles too with no issues.
Make sure you the the Hikara ULTRA. As the regular series isn’t bright enough.
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