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Entegra Esteem Radio Battery Issue

We just purchased the Ford 450 Entegra Esteem and the radio continually stayed on and was supposed to turn off after exciting a certain door and it drained one battery.  WE have a new battery now and it looks like the radio will not turn off again. We do not want to drain another battery.  What is going on with this new RV. 

Re: Entegra Esteem Radio Battery Issue

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You have to select options to turn the source off then press the display off.

Re: Entegra Esteem Radio Battery Issue

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On my Odyssey the radio works when the ignition is on, it does not matter about the house battery. The radio would turn off when the driver's door is opened or after 10 minutes.  If the coach battery is on, the radio is on.  Use the battery disconnect, and the radio will be off.
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