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First "in person" viewing of a 2018 Cornerstone 45Y

We took a ride to the closest Entegra dealer today since we saw on their website a couple of "new arrival" 2018 Cornerstones.  We mostly went to see the interior color schemes.

Imagine our delight when the first coach we drove up to, awaiting "make ready" was the 45Y floorplan that has been something we have been dying to see for almost a year now (on paper, it was the perfect floorplan for us).  It not only met, it exceeded expectations in person!

Entegra really did a great job with the storage in this single bath model.  There is a spice cabinet and a lower baking pan cabinet in the kitchen.  The pantry next to the fridge is large and lit (the only improvement we could see would be pullouts instead of fixed shelves).  The 45Y also has the hutch from the Anthem 42DEQ.  The kitchen cooking/cleaning/prep side has the same "module" as the 45B, so you get a really nice, wide pullout bank of drawers and wide prep counter.

The mid bath has a private stool room with its own powered vent fan and window.  No sink there, but in the main area of the bath there are double sinks in the large vanity which has a great medicine cabinet above.  The vanity also has lots of storage, including flip-outs in front of each sink.  It would benefit from a strip of LED undercabinet lighting tucked under the medicine cabinet.  Probably easy to add, and perhaps Entegra will do so as a running change as they get feedback.  There is a large linen closet/cabinet complete with tip-out hamper and there is a shallow set of upper and lower storage cabinets as well.  There is also an opening window in the bath and an powered vent fan for the main bath.  We noticed what appeared to be a programming error with the VegaTouch - you could lower the bath and stool room blinds, but there was no control to raise them.

The bedroom is the standard module, with a closet and the washer/dryer in the end cap.  One "oops" - there's at least one hex head screw securing the engine access cover/step that sticks up in the carpeted area and would damage a bare foot if stepped on.  An upholstered snap cover for this screw would solve that problem.

Back in the living area, the coach we saw had the theater seating option.  It was comfy, but we could see how one of our pups might fall behind if they tried to lay on the top.  Plus there is no spare bed with this option.  We prefer the L-sofa.

The TV is on a televator in a deeper fireplace base than the 45B.  The televator itself operated quite quickly.  We like the orientation Entegra does in this model of seating on curbside with dinette and televator on streetside.  This way, when the TV is raised, you still have a window for view and nice cross ventilation.  Other manufacturers put the televator in front of the (sole) curbside window, so that when the TV is raised, you don't really have any visibility to your curbside.

The 2018's now have separate door and passenger seat window blinds. 

The coach we saw had the new Sonoma interior with Tuscan Cherry cabinetry.  All of the photos are in my album here:;sa=album;in=46 and at the bottom of this post

Now all we need to do is see the new Cashmere interior color scheme in person before deciding  :)

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Re: First "in person" viewing of a 2018 Cornerstone 45Y

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I sure do like the way that floorplan looks, seems to have the most storage of any Entergra floorplan that I've seen.  Thanks for all of the photos, I don't think you missed anything.

Re: First "in person" viewing of a 2018 Cornerstone 45Y

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That really is a great looking layout, I think Entegra will has a winner with this one. 

All that storage space in the bathroom and bedroom, plus the huge pantry with a full hutch to boot !

This really seems like a great option for fulltime or "long trip" couples.  I linked to the floorplan that was posted in the media section, hope I did it right  :)

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