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Ford chassis battery keeps going dead.

Entegra vision 29 s. Ford chassis battery keeps going dead after it sits for a couple weeks. I have made sure everything has been turned off that feeds from the chassis battery. I have even turned the dash radio off by the switch. I just had the battery replaced under warranty. Two weeks now and its dead again?

Looking to see if anyone has been experiencing this issue? Thanks in advance for any help or responses.

Re: Ford chassis battery keeps going dead.

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What year is your coach. I was just told the battery is under warranty is for the first year. My 2019 Vision 31 R is 1.5 years old with a dead chassis  battery.  >:(

Re: Ford chassis battery keeps going dead.

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My Ford chassis did the same thing.  There are things that you can't shut off with out disconnecting the battery from EVERYTHING.
Go to a boat sales and service business.  Buy the battery disconnect rotary switch and install it at the positive lug on the battery.  Then you will be able to disconnect your battery.  Also switch out your batteries to AGM batteries.  They do not lose charge while sitting like lead acid batteries do. 
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