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2013 Anthem extreme front end bounce

We recently bought a 2013 Anthem with a little over 30k miles. We have had to spend several thousand dollars on repairs since February. This coach has a horrible front end bounce especially when going over a bridge with pre-stressed sections on it. It is dangerous. We've had it checked at a Sparten service center in Tulsa and they said the ride height is within specs. However, the front air bag pressure varies going down the road. The rear air bags are steady at just under 150 psi, but the front air bags seem to run at approximately 120 psi.  Looking for any suggestions on a cure for the bounce.

It seems that this coach rides awfully low compared to other coaches.  The front tires look like they almost rub in a sharp turn. Does this sound normal?

Re: 2013 Anthem extreme front end bounce

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General consensus on other boards is to replace the Bilstein shocks with Koni's. Seems almost everyone does this no matter the model.

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