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Vision leaking outside air around steering column

2020 Vision 27a leaks air around steering column while driving. Faster you go the more air is blown in a long with road dirt. Inside the instrument cluster looks like a sand box, cold mornings we freeze our legs off, hot days you burn up. Totally related to speed and ambient temperature. Took it in and Le Mesa service said they fixed it along with some other items ended up creating more problems than curing. I have resolved most major issues except the air leak. Has anyone pulled the dash assembly apart to address this type of issue and also reduce noise and engine heat? I am a certified ASE Master Tech of over 30 years and just getting a little fed up with this coach of over 50 items I've already fixed as In like the plumbing falling off the sink and filling the drawer with water the first week out.  Poor quality control on this unit, must of been built during a holiday week

Re: Vision leaking outside air around steering column

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Found air leak. The front bulk head on the Ford chassis was not sealed. This allowed air to come over the top of bulk head under dash cap and enter cabin. Removed dash cap and instrument cluster and added a filler to cover two inch gap eight feet long then sealed with foam and Kilmat insulation. Cab A/C and heat now control climate in cockpit.

Re: Vision leaking outside air around steering column

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Crazy that made it out of the factory ... lucky it did not turn into a big water leak !

Re: Vision leaking outside air around steering column

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Absolutely would of, if driving into a head on rain. Fortunately I only drove it in a few summer showers. But it did fill the cab with dirt and road debris. Just took it on a 1500 mile trip and what a difference. Would highly recommend at least putting sound mats under the dash even if there are no air leakage issues