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Topic: I Bought Entegra Because of their Quality Ratings...Did I make a mistake? (Read 3846 times) previous topic - next topic
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I Bought Entegra Because of their Quality Ratings...Did I make a mistake?

First long trip, 12 days. Third trip overall and this one started with 2,040 miles on the odometer. 2020 Entegra Esteem 27U. These are the issues that occurred on this trip:
1. Jacks would not extend, no power to control panel. Called CoachNet, no help unless I paid for it.
2. Oven would not light. Stove also would not light, worked the day before.
3. Forward slide would not retract. Called CoachNet, they could get me a mobile guy late that evening or the next day. I called a guy and he was there in 30 minutes, got the slide in by tapping the motor but it would stop at random times. Left it in the rest of the trip.
4. Stove and oven started working, seems the slide going in and out affects it. The dealer had to replace the propane hose in the coach when we picked it up due to a hole in the line setting off the propane alarm.
5. AC arced when selecting a program. Checked it and saw no arcing, burns or smells.
6. LED light above the dinette flickers at random times.
7. The interior cab console where the auxiliary start switch is located falls down every time the emergency brake is released.
8. Fwd cabinet, rear door above the bed will not stay closed. The latch is not catching the door and holding it.
9. When the front slide was out, there is a large shaft of light coming in from outside meaning the seal is not sealing and bugs/mice/etc could enter the MH.
10. When we arrived home, one of my tank heater pads had pulled off the tank about 75% of it hanging down.
11. This wasn't the MH but my TOAD. Last night, went to go to dinner in the car and it would not start. Called CoachNet and they took care of it, guy there in 15 minutes an fixed in 20. No charge.

Can't get into warranty facility until Dec 10, but will turn everything in and see if this is it. I know all RVs have issues but damn, the first trip?

Tank pads

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I have a 2021 Esteem. The tank heat pads are coming unglued. Any advice as how to re glue them