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2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

Entegra Looker posted a useful set of graphics that help show what the different floorplans look like with the slides in Cornerstone Floorplans with slides extended and retracted

Yesterday we had the chance to check out a 2018 45W with the slides in.  It's also in the new, upgraded interior Cashmere/Stonewall Grey and had the booth dinette with fixed benches rather than the standard buffet/table and freestanding chairs.

 [smg id=55 type=album]

We noted a couple of challenges with the slides in.  First, the space between the couches (in this case, the driver's side has theater seating) is very narrow.

[smg id=212]

Next, the door to the half bath hits the slide surround molding above the pantry.  In this brand new coach, we already saw a small scuff mark.

[smg id=215]

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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I really like the looks of that Cashmere/Stonewall Grey interior.  So nice to see a more transitional / modern option being offered by Entegra, some more room to go, but good first steps!

The bathroom door on the molding is a major mistake, they should have done something like Newmar does with the pivot door that works in situations like this.

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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Question about the theater seating:

Can you provide details on if it reclines or inclines and how much angle you get in the seat back? Also, how's the footrest?
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Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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It does recline - there are a couple of switches to control that plus the foot rest.  Unfortunately the slides were in on this coach and we weren't able to "test drive" the theater seating this time - hopefully on the next "info gathering" dealer visit  :)

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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Happy to see this topic.  I got on a 2017 Insignia W and literally couldn't get through the mid bath door with the slides closed.  I panicked as we have a 2018 Cornerstone W on order.  I made a special trip to the dealer and checked out a 2018 Aspire W.  It looked the same as the photos you posted, the mid bath door opens 2/3rds to 3/4s of the way.  I'm not svelte but can at least utilize the mid bath with the slides in.  I can live with the narrow passageway between the couches.  We noticed the door contacts the molding.  If Entegra hasn't made a running change to deal with this issue we'll likely add a piece of felt to the molding and door to protect the finish.  Thanks for posting.

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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I think it's workable with the slides in, you just need to be careful with the door.  I like your felt idea - someone crafty could make a little corner cover to slip on for traveling.

I'm surprised the Insignia was that different.  Was it a 2018 or a 2017?  The Cornerstone in the photos was a 2018.

What colors did you go with? 


Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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I was told the  Insignia was a 2017 .  I've posted photos here:

Mid bath access - iRV2 Forums

See post #10.

Our new one, after much deliberation, will be  champagne.  It has a lot of maroon in it.  Entegra's web site doesn't do it justice.

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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Nice - I think that's one of the lightest exteriors.  What interior colors?  Are you going to try and visit the factory during the build?  If so, we love photos!

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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It's being built as we speak.  I tried today to find out where in the build process we are but didn't get a call back.  We've asked for photos but again no reply.  Some of the folks from the other forum promised to get me some as well.  We'll see.

We selected Sonoma w/ natural cherry wood.  We wanted the darker leather w/ 3 grand kids and 2 dogs.  The upcharge for the Cashmere was something we couldn't justify to say nothing of the fact that my wife felt it was too monochromatic.

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45W with slides in

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The Sonoma is gorgeous and should look great with the natural cherry.  We've only seen it with Tuscan thus far and I really liked it.  The Cashmere is nice, but it would be very floorplan-dependent, I think.  There's less tonal contrast between the floor, cabinetry, and countertops than with the more traditional options.