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2019 Entegr Emblem Drain Valves

I have the Entegra Emblem 36T. After having the shower back up, and the sink in the master bath, I took it to the dealer. They were confused but finally figured it out. There are 2 grey AND 2 black water drains. The rear black water is the one on the left of the coach, it's large and easy to see.
If you look behind the whit plastic panel where the hot and cold water valves are (and I do mean bend over and look up) you will find the front black water drain valve. Look behind the same panel about in the middle of the paper towel holder and you will find the rear grey water drain valve.

So the proper sequence is:
1) Drain the front black water tank behind the hot water valve in the main water compartment
2) Drain the back black water tank in the main water compartment (the big "normal drain valve)
3) Go to the passenger side of the coach and drain the front grey water tank (it's in the first compartment in front of the passenger side rear wheel)
4) Go back to the main water compartment  (on the driver's side) and find the rear grey water tank valve up behind the plastic about centered behind the paper towel holder.

I actually had to pull the 2 hidden valve handles dow slightly to pull out under the big white piece of plastic.

I'm not sure why they were not smart enough to put labels there saying "drain valve behind here".

I hope the picture comes through, I've never posted one here before.