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Topic: 2019 Entegra Emblem 36H - Ford Chasis F63 Triton - Power Loss - O2 Sensor (Read 1512 times) previous topic - next topic
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2019 Entegra Emblem 36H - Ford Chasis F63 Triton - Power Loss - O2 Sensor

So about 8 months ago I started having problems with climbing grades. I'd be doing 60-65 mph then the speed would drop back to 30-35mph and stay there. The transmission would be shifting around from 3000 RPM to 4200 RPM with no ability to increase speed.

This all happened while traveling from southern California to Las Vegas. Once I would get on level or descending grade then everything would revert to normal driving. It got worse so I diverted from Palmdale to Bakersfield Ford. Closest warranty repair shop.

I did eventually get an engine light which they said was an O2 sensor problem. They replaced the sensor and test drove the RV and said I was good to go. So off to Vegas. Halfway there I got the same problem again and just barely made it into Vegas. Took it to Rush Trucks (Ford Warranty Shop). Though the engine light was on and said that it was an O2 sensor they were sure that it was not that and confident that it was the catalytic converter and replaced it so off I go feeling happy they found the problem. I also found out that Ford has three O2 sensors and only one was replaced in Bakersfield.

A month later I leave on a trip to Lake Powell and barely made it an hour out from Vegas. Same engine power loss so back to Rush Trucks. This time they check the engine diagnostics and found that once again it's the O2 sensor. Once they cleared the fault they were unable to duplicate and as a result, they couldn't get Ford to pay to replace the remaining 2 sensors. I tried for many hours to speak to an "RV FORD WARRANTY REP" but was unable to reach anyone. If you have a Ford chassis BE AWARE!! They are not set up to talk to an RV owner. I never got through to anyone that could help me. So I purchased and replaced all 3 O2 sensors. I am going on a short trip soon and will update this posting. 

Does anyone have this problem??