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Spare Tire?

New to RV'g and we recently bought a 2021 Entegra Esteem 29V and didn't know that most (?) RV's don't come with spare tires.  Do we need one?  And, if we do, why wasn't it included?  Other's have said that they just use Coach-Net roadside assistance.  Tks.

Re: Spare Tire?

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Correct, most motorhomes do not come with a spare tire.  Here is what I did. Warning it is costly, about $900.
I went to a Ford dealer that deals with commercial trucks with my VIN. Ordered a tire and rim. I had them put it together and balance.
I next bought a RoadMaster spare tire carrier.  It allows you to carry the spare tire and still has the receiver to be able to pull our tow vehicle. I use a tire cover to keep it out of the sun while traveling.
This also would require you to be able to change the tire if a flat were to occur.  This means carrying a jack strong enough to lift the motorhome, an impact drill with the correct size sockets, and I carry a small air compressor.  I use the generator as my power source.
Hopes this helps.
2019 Odyssey 29V