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2018 Cornerstone 45B "oopses"

The 2018 Cornerstones got a pretty major interior makeover.  In addition to new color schemes, there is new cabinet hardware (in polished nickel) and the addition of medicine cabinets in all baths.

We noticed two mistakes in early 2018 coaches.

Half bath of a 45B - the medicine cabinet is split to open in the middle.  The lower rail of the mirrored door appeared to be simply cut, with no sanding or finishing on the cut edge.  There were splinters and the lack of finish was pretty noticeable

Half bath medicine cabinet bottom edge
Half bath medicine cabinet - unfinished edge

The new towel rings in the rear bath are fixed - they don't swivel at the attachment point.  There were also mounted much lower than the previous hardware, possibly with the concern that the new medicine cabinet doors would hit them.  Unfortunately, it means they are too low to be usable.  2017 shown on the left, 2018 in the middle and on the right.  We think Entegra would be wise to revisit this.

2017 CS 45B towel rings
45B Cashmere Rear bath vanity right towel ring
45B Cashmere Rear bath vanity left towel hook

Also noted, but not photographed, in the rear bath the left hand medicine cabinet door opens to the right, not towards the wall, and the right hand medicine cabinet door opened to the left, not the wall.  This seemed counter-intuitive.

Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45B "oopses"

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You have a very good eye for detail!
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Re: 2018 Cornerstone 45B "oopses"

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That rear medicine cabinet sure does look like a mistake, leaving a section unfinished like that, looks like they don't have the process steps in the right order just yet.

Agree those towel rings are not very usable.  If you did hang a towel on them, looks like they would either get caught up in the vanity drawer or in the closet door.  If both end medicine cabinet doors opened away from the wall they could at least put the towel rings in a usable place and owners would get used to the initially unintuitive opening direction. 

Ah but then the wall switches would be covered ... humm maybe add a towel bar to that "unused" front section of the vanity?