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2021 esteem

how does one hookup a portable satellite dish.

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If it's like my 2020 Esteem you have to run the cable directly to the antenna (DISH Tailgater). You can not use the cable connection inside the coach as it only works for park cable or TV antenna. You can remove the cable end from the wall and disconnect the park cable connection. Put an union on the wall plate and hook the park cable connection direct to that and the TV to the new wall plate connection. That will allow you to connect the antenna to the cable connection in the electrical bay and it works fine. You will not be able to use  park cable unless you connect it back. Since I've had my antenna, I've never had to use park cable or antenna for anything.

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2021 esteem 29V
Look in the compartment above the door.  You will see the "over the air amplifier" and usually above that, the two satellite connections (worthless for a dish on a tripod setup).  Remove the screws to the over the air amplifier and pull out all the coax cables.  Find the feed line for cable tv (the one that goes all the way to your power compartment on the outside of your rig).  Then find the cable that goes to the TV right next to you above the bunk.  Use a barrel connector to join the two coax lines.  Now you can plug your dish into the outside power compartment coax jack and your receiver (Wally, etc.) to the jack next to your main TV.  Note: This is only going to send your satellite signal to the main TV.  To get satellite reception to multiple TV's will take a lot more effort but there are several ways that can be done.  I suggest an HDMI splitter but that requires running HDMI cable.