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Inverter cutoff question

How long will the inverter provide 120V power when you have to run fully off it (meaning no shore power, no generator, no solar).  I'm not looking for number of hours, but more what tells the inverter to shut down?

Will it comply deplete the batteries or just stop inverting when its not able to produce 120V or no longer able to produce enough current?

Re: Inverter cutoff question

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The inverter will turn off when the coach battery voltage get to low. The 120VAC output will not be impacted before then, if it did it could cause damage to attached devices.

Re: Inverter cutoff question

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This is my understanding of how the inverter works.

First the 120Vac  power coming from the is either ON or it's OFF, it doesn't waiver in voltage when its ON

When house batteries reach a low voltage threshold,  the inverter will know that enough voltage is not available for it to continue, and will shut itself OFF.  Some versions may alarm/beep or set a fault light when this occures.

In order to minimize depletion of the house batteries below some critical level you set the LBCO (Low Battery Cut Off) setting which tells the inverter when to shut down power.  I beleive Enegra sets this at 10V DC which seems a bit low?

Re: Inverter cutoff question

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A few more comments on how these systems interact ....

    • If you loose shore power the inverter will take over and use battery power to continue supplying power only to your inverted outlets.
    • If your AGS (Automatic Generator Start) is enabled, and set to start at a low battery threshold, such as 12.0v, then it will activate and start charging the house batteries (if shore power is not restored first).
    • If the AGS is not set up, or it fails to start the generator, then the LBCO value will turn off the inverter to save the house batteries once they have reached a critical low voltage.  This saves you from dead and possibly damaged house batteries, although the fridge / freezer will suffer if power is not restored.

Re: Inverter cutoff question

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Is 12.0V the recommended low battery voltage recommended for the L16 batteries Entegra is using in the new coaches? 

How to you check the settings on the AGS?