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Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

I've been reading up on various pads that are available to put under the jacks, there seems to be no shortage of available options.  But the more articles I read, and the more products that I look at, the more confused  I become on what to get!

If we are just glamping at resorts, the only thing required is to met the resort rules, which a simple poly cutting board achieves.

But after that there appear to be two available options / types, ones that do not flex and ones that do flex / conform a bit.  This is where  I'm confused as to which style is better, if either.  Should it be completely rigid or conform somewhat to the underlying surface.

So I'm looking for what folks experience has been with either style and what you are using.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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This does not really answer you question, and will probably add to your confusion  >:D

RV SnapPad | Permanent RV Jack Pads & Leveler Pads

I've never seen nor used these, but while looking around the old interwebs I came across them.  Interesting idea, would seem to fix some issues but perhaps cause others.  Still interesting.

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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I seem to recall reading in the owners manual that Entegra does not want owners to use any kind of material under the actual pad of the jack?

I'm not sure why as there are certainly instances where you either must (campground regulation) or should due to the surface you are on.  For instance parking on asphalt in hot weather, the  jack can punch right through and leave a pot hole.  The last thing I would want to do is damage someone's campground or parking lot, not to mention potential damage to the jacks getting stuck in the ground.

To answer your question, I prefer pads that have some, but not much, give in them.  If you are not sure you will need them, you can go the inexpensive route and stop by Tractor Supply and buy a horse stall mat, cut out (4) 18x18 inch squares and carry them with you.  If you find you use them a lot then you can buy a commercial set.

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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Snap pad doesn't have a product to fit Entegra equalizer jacks, but expect to soon.
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Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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I like the ones made by Dica.  

They are not the least expensive approach, expect to pay $200-$300 for a set of (4)  BUT they will last the lifetime of many RV's, so you will never need to buy another set.  Well unless you drive off and leave them behind :P

You can purchase the commercial outrigger pads Outrigger Pads | Stabilizer Pads | Crane Pads for Sale - DICA but Dica also makes RV specific ones  RV Jack Pads | Stabilizer Jack Pads | Landing Gear Pads for Sale - DICA as well.

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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You can also purchase DICA pads from Summit Equipment.  DICA Outrigger Pads

They have them in 0.75" thick versions which seem better suited for RV use and save a couple of dollars (still not inexpensive mind you, but awesome pads).  I imagine you can call DICA directly  and order these, I just did not see them on the website or online catalog.

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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I like the ones made by me out of pressure treated 3/4 plywood, doubled up and screwed together. Purchased some remnant pieces for cheap $$$ at a local lumber yard. Work great and took no time to fabricate !

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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I'm new to this forum.  We take delivery of a 2018 Aspire tomorrow morning.  Moving from a Montana 5th wheel.  I've had Snap Pads on the Montana for a couple of years now and love them.  Got to measure the Aspire pads & I'll get a set on order. 

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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Welcome to the forum :D

I've never used the snap pads but they look really interesting, simply can't beat that convenience.  Please let us know how those work on the Aspire (pictures too !)

Re: Jack Pad Confusion, what do you use?

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We've used the DICA pads and find them to be the most efficient solution.  We were boondocking in Oshkosh and the area was pretty wet and the pads kept us from burying our jacks.