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How to Test Your Air Tanks

I had attended a Spartan chassis class and received a handout on how to check your air tanks, but now I can't find it.  Does anyone have a copy?

Re: How to Test Your Air Tanks

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That is the procedure I follow at the start of the season and when I've been in one place for a while.  Very easy to do. 

Re: How to Test Your Air Tanks

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Thank You!

Thats what I was looking for ... actually the article is easier to understand as well.

Re: How to Test Your Air Tanks

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I was going to ask where the lanyards were located, but then I read the article again and its quite specific ...

The Anthem and Conerstone lanyards are located in the passenger front wheel well, the Aspire has two in front and the third is at the rear right side between the rear wheels.

Thanks for reminding me I need to check this from time to time.